Model Releases

Model Releases are an invaluable component of the stock photography industry. 
Download pdf of a blank form.

MR or Model Released indicates that the people, places and possibly
things in the image are OK to use for commercial purposes. Commercial
uses are intended to sell a product, raise money or promote something.
Examples of this would be any advertising, promotional, marketing,
advertorial or merchandising use.

No MR or No Model Release indicates that there is no release available
for the people, places and things depicted in the image. Many of Photo
Researchers' images fall into this category. They are available for
editorial use, which means they can be used to report a newsworthy event
or to illustrate something of general interest, such as one might find
in a magazine, newspaper or textbook. Generally speaking, these images
are not OK to use for any commercial purposes.

NA or Not Applicable indicates that there are no issues or implications
if an image is used for commercial purposes, or else it means that there
is no person or organization to contact for clearance. This might apply
to crowd scenes where the people are unrecognizable;
landscapes and cityscapes that contain no trademarked
things, recognizable people or properties. Other examples of NA images
would be of people who died before 1900 or deceased for at least 60
years, wildlife shot in natural settings, micrographs and diagnostic
scans, scenes from around the world and various scientific phenomena.

In the event that your intended usage makes it unclear if an image is
eligible, we are always prepared to provide expert advice. Our
experienced staff may also be able to suggest another similar image that
is clear for your intended use.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.